Leeland followed, hands slipping into the pockets of his jacket. 

"H-Hey if I’m c-caught th-then i’m c-caught." And if they were cute, why teleport away? It wasn’t like he was going to turn down a free lunch because of that. Plus he was right, he did have a ‘get out of jail’ card.

He grinned down at him. “D-Definitely n-not a c-con. I d-don’t pull th-that shit.” He wasn’t smart enough to pull that. 

"S-So M-Mister B-Borkowski-" He smirked. "What’d y-you do f-for a living th-that you can offer w-weird deaf boy’s out f-fort lunch."

"Wait, you’re deaf?" Vic tilted his head at Leeland. "You’re really good at lip reading. Either that or your mutant powers must help you understand spoken words."

He smiled sheepishly. “I’m actually the new CEO of Worthington Industries. So it’s pretty easy to afford lunch.”

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Leeland chuckled, still rubbing at his neck. 

Vic smiled and gestured for Leeland to follow.

"So I should probably have doubts about taking my would-be pickpocket out to lunch, huh?" he mused. "But you did give me my wallet back so you might not be so bad. Plus you’re cute, so if this is a con you’re running, I’m totally falling for it."

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Leeland’s nose turned pink. On one hand, yes he was trying to rob him. How he picked targets was pretty random. Usually they had on easy to open bags or were stupid enough to leave phones hanging out.

On the other… He cleared his throat, the pink creeping up to his ears. “C-Can’t blame a l-lad for t-trying?” He asked with a shrug. 

"Nah, I can’t blame you," Vic teased. "I am pretty cute.”

He winked. “So how about that lunch?”

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"I-If it was f-for fun I w-wouldn’t h-have let m-muppet here t-target you." He jerked his thumb back at the grumbling sphere who was now hidden in his jacket hood. 

"C-Cute g-guys aren’t always s-so forgiving." He shrugged, lips twitching in a smile. "It’s L-Leeland."

Vic laughed. “Why me, then?” he asked. “I mean, you see a green scaly lizard guy, you gotta know he’s not the best target.”

A light bulb went off. “Unless! You wanted an excuse to talk to me, so you weren’t really trying to pick my pocket. Is that how it is, Leeland?”

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Leeland grinned, arching an eyebrow. Locke made a noise no un similar to rolling of eyes and buried himself in the tall boy’s hood. ”S-So we’re b-both c-cute. Th-That’s good to know.”

"I h-have your name. You want m-mine? C-Could always tip off the auth-…auth…" He made a small annoyed ‘tsk’ with his teeth. "-G-Good guys about fr-freckly thieves." 

Vic smiled. “I’d love to get your name,” he said, “but maybe I should take you to lunch first. I can’t imagine you’re stealing my wallet just for fun.”

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Leeland sighed, a tiny smile working into the corner of his mouth. “… I’m s-such a s-sucker for a c-cute face.” He did as asked and handed it back. It was hard being a thief when you had such a bleeding heart. “M-mutant… a-and th-then some.” He added. 

Vic grinned and took his wallet. “This cute face isn’t just an act, you know,” he said and winked. “I practice every day just in case a cute freckly guy tries to take my wallet.”

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Leeland grinned at him, riffling through the wallet. “Hmm. V-Victor Borkowski, hmm?” 

He shrugged. “Of course it’s a c-crime. W-what’cha going do about it?” He asked, that teasing smirk still on his face. The small boy could have easily smacked him around with his giant arm, but Leeland wasn’t too worried about that. You couldn’t just start beating up people in the street. 

"Politely ask for it back?" Vic smiled wryly. "I’d really appreciate it. One mutant to another. Or one mutant to another person who isn’t your average human."

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       When the fuck did you and froyo become a thing?

Ever since I became CEO of Worthington, which is the parent company of a gourmet froyo chain. Man, do you ever watch the news?

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"T-Teleporter." He grinned with a nod, whistling at the still melting sphere. Locke remerged into a ball with a grumble, still holding onto the wallet. 

The boy grabbed it up, grinning down at the smaller boy. 


"Oooon?" Victor raised an eyebrow and held out his smaller hand for the wallet.

"Pickpocketing is a crime, even if no prison can hold you.”

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"Teddy!" Vic waved the Avenger down. "Teddy! I haven’t seen you since the New Year party. How are you doing?!"

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