We´ve finished with the students and the teacher, I think a set was in order. Plus, we made a colour change to Pixie, her colours were too similar to Gentle´s, and bright green suits Megan.

Now, let´s start with the bad guys

Design and lineart: Maxime Garbarini
Inks and colour: Héctor Barros

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For grootiepie (with absolutely zero self indulgence) Megan Gwynn as Mabel Pines, with bonus Anole as Dipper.

Also deusexignis wanted to see this

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X Men Vol 4 16


X Men Vol 4 16

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What do you think it would take to CORRUPT my character?

Or if my character is a villain, what do you think it would take to REDEEM them?

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i need a dc!verse / gotham!verse for brandon hh H MM MMHHMMMM

OMG YES GOOD Vic has one with my Tim drake also I have some DC-verse OCs and stuff come to me bby

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"You can’t. We have business things we need to discuss before the next meeting."

"Well then you can’t hate me. Because that would just make dinner awkward."

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"I hate you."

"You do huh? I guess I’ll just have to cancel tonight then."

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"I… Yes? Wait, I don’t fantasize about-“

"About his gentle caress? About his strong arms holding you gently?"

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heroforhollywood ASKED:
[ TEXT ]: im not drunk everyone is just blurry

[Text]: You dork, where are you?

[Text]: Do you need a ride?

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Tim’s face reddens further. “He- We’re friends.”

"Frieeeends, huh? The kind of friends who stare dreamily into each other’s eyes before blushing and turning away? Who fantasize about being in each other’s arms…?"

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